The new Lovens Explorer: S75 and S85!

We’re introducing the Bosch e-Bike Smart System on some of our Lovens Explorer models. Upgrading Lovens 65 to Lovens S75 and Lovens 85 to Lovens S85. The smart system consisting of a new control unit, display, battery and drive unit turns your Lovens into a whole new experience full of freedom, fun and adventures.

What’s new?

The new smart system is updated with smart connected features. A renewed display, custom riding modes and intuitive operation bring the ideal options on the Lovens Explorer.

The fully connected system and smart over-the-air updates make your cargo bike ready to drive into the future in full style!

In short:

  • Upgrade display to Kiox 300
  • New controlling system via the LED remote
  • Custom riding modes adapts support to your personal style
  • Upgrade of the Performance Line engine from 65 to 75 Nm (Lovens S75)
  • Endless possibilities via your smartphone with the Flow app

Fully connected

The LED Remote connects your Lovens to the Flow app. This gives you access to all important riding data. The LED Remote is intuitive to use – your hands stay safely on the steering wheel. Change riding modes, use walk assist and control your display on your smartphone. Thanks to the smart system, you can also perform updates yourself with the LED Remote.

Operation with LED

The LED Remote is a fully connected control center that connects your Lovens to the Flow app. This way you have all important information (such as the riding modes) in pleasant overview on the steering wheel. The colors of the LEDs change with the support you choose and are clearly visible in sunlight. This intuitive system is very easy to use.

Kiox 300 display

With the Bosch Kiox 300 you have an extensive display. You can access the digital world via the Flow app. You start the navigation with Bluetooth via your smartphone. The Flow app supports you in exploring your daily adventures. The brightness of the display adapts to the ambient light for less distraction and more safety on the go.

For limitless freedom

The Performance Line motor on the Lovens S75 is the most versatile drive system from Bosch eBike Systems. Whether you’re on a sporty jaunt through the countryside, commuting to work or cruising on a leisurely outing, it always delivers the right amount of support at the right moment and an impressive sporty and natural riding sensation.

The Cargo Line motor on the Lovens S85 is now part of the smart system. Take advantage of continuous component updates over-the-air, or customise your riding modes on the eBike Flow app. Whatever the conditions, Cargo Line is a constant support: Moving heavy loads up steep inclines becomes a breeze.

Personal driving modes

You can drive on your Lovens Explorer in four different supporting modes: Turbo, Sport, Tour+ and Eco. Some can be personalized via the Flow app to your personal needs while driving. For example, let yourself be supported in Sport up to a maximum of 50 Nm and, for example, get an extra push when you drive away in Turbo.

Powerful motor

Enjoy a joyfull quiet ride thanks to the noise-free Performance Line motor on the Lovens S75. The Performance Line motor now supports you with 75 Nm. It is designed for a particularly natural driving feeling. The engine is silent and, despite the powerful support, offers a natural and safe feeling. The durable drive unit is resistant to weather influences or challenging surfaces during your ride. Within the smart system you can personalize driving modes.

On the Lovens S85, the Cargo Line motor stays the same, but with all the smart options. It is the most powerful motor yet. And adds power of up to 85 Nm behind your eCargo bike, so you can move heavy loads and climb hills effortlessly.

Extra security

Via the eBike Lock function you can easily provide extra security for your bike. By means of short sound signals, light signals and symbols on the LED Remote, the display or your smartphone, you can see whether the eBike Lock is active. After the one-time installation, your smartphone is like a digital key to deactivate the motor support. Because you are connected via Bluetooth, your smartphone can stay in your pocket.

Accu upgrade to 725 Wh 

The Lovens Explorer S75 and S85 are available with a 545 Wh Bosch battery. An upgrade to 725 Wh is optional. This increases the range and allows you to make longer bike rides. This battery is available at an additional cost at your Lovens point of sale. 

*This does not apply to the Lovens 50. 

Ready to explore this innovating technology on the Lovens Explorer cargo bike? Check out or go to your Lovens store. 

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The new Lovens Explorer: S75 and S85!

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