Ultimate test: Lovens cycles 850 km to Berlin in 5 days!

Lovens AB

Lovens cycled 850 km on the electric cargo bike from Amsterdam to Berlin, to test the Lovens Explorer to its limits. The Lovens Explorer became one of the finalists of the iF Design Awards. For the final round, the cargo bike was judged by the jury in Berlin. The team behind Lovens saw this as a unique opportunity to demonstrate what the Lovens Explorer is capable of, they brought it to Berlin in just 5 days!

“What if we did this by bike?” thought Arno Dreef, one of the employees at Lovens, when the Lovens Explorer was named a finalist. “The route from Amsterdam to Berlin is quite a challenge, let alone with a cargo bike full of luggage. No one has ever done this with an electric cargo bike from Lovens. That makes it the ultimate challenge for us.”

“I found it quite exciting, most people use the cargo bike for daily transportation, not for extreme trips.” explains colleague Sione Gruson. “As a seasoned cyclist, I like to take on a challenge, but I haven’t cycled with these conditions before.”

The route
The Lovens Explorer has been tested to its limits: “We really braved tough conditions.” explain Arno and Sione, “Such as steep climbs (total 3,740 meters) and fast descents (total 3,700 meters), on unpaved roads (total 64 km), paved gravel (total 38 km). We are pleased that it continued to feel safe and comfortable even in challenging terrain, which we did not expect. It’s a bike that allows you to discover new places on many types of terrain and enjoy the beautiful views and exciting (forest) trails.” We have shared all the details of the route in Komoot. Curious to know which route was driven each day or how many kilometers, slopes or obstacles Arno and Sione encountered? Check out the Komoot account of Lovens.

Winner iF Design Award
Lovens is this year’s winner of an iF Design Award, the world-renowned design prize. The Lovens Explorer was delivered to Berlin for the jury’s consideration. Lovens ultimately won the iF Design Award in the Sport/outdoor/bicycles discipline, in the Product category. With competition from more than 11,000 entries from 57 countries, Lovens managed to convince the jury.

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