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Everything about the Lovens Explorer ABS

Unprecedented safe braking with an innovative and precise system

Why a cargo bike with ABS?

Do you want a cargo bike with the most enjoyable riding experience, the most beautiful design and the all-safety innovations? The Lovens cargo bike has now become even safer.

Today, our cargo bikes have strong hydraulic disc brakes designed for powerful braking. For more control and safer braking, eBike ABS has been developed. ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System.

If you brake hard, the ABS system prevents the wheels from locking. It ensures stability and maneuverability on any surface. Whether you are driving on wet surfaces or slippery gravel paths. Applying optimal braking pressure shortens your stopping distance and increases your stopping power.

How does ABS work?

A clever collaboration between wheel speed sensors, an ABS control unit, your brake levers and the pairing with the LED remote will improve your braking performance.

LED remotes
At the beginning of each ride, the control light also lights up briefly to indicate that the ABS is working.

Wheel speed sensors
Wheel speed sensorsWheel speed sensors on the front and rear wheel continuously monitor the speed of the wheels while cycling.

ABS control unit
The Bosch ABS control unit regulates brake pressure and ensures optimal braking performance.

After your ride, you can see brake statistics such as your braking distance and braking duration, on your Kiox display.

Stay in control with Lovens ABS

The Lovens ABS allows for shorter, safer and more accurate braking, even at full load. This protects you, your precious cargo and other road users in unexpected situations. Lovens Explorer ABS is available on an S75 or S85 model.

Lovens is an expert in alternative forms of mobility. Our products are of high quality and low maintenance. With state-of-the-art design and innovative technology, we go further where others stop.

So much so that it is now even one of the first cargo bikes to be expanded to include an ABS model.

Test ABS by yourself

Do you have any questions or want to test the Lovens Explorer with ABS yourself? Then drop by our showroom, or check out the Lovens at a shop near you.

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The Lovens Explorer is available at specially selected bicycle shops. Visit one of our stores for more information or take a test ride on a demo bike and experience it for yourself.  

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