Box Cover


A cover specially made for extra protection of the precious cargo in the box of the Lovens Explorer. The newest must-have in the Lovens accessory family: the Box Cover.

This brand new exclusive Lovens accessory is unlike any other, of premium quality and comes with several handy features:

Premium quality. The Box Cover is made of high-quality polyester with TPU coating. The welded seams ensure a tight finish and 100% waterproofness. The zipper is splash-proof. Super sleek in appearance and very strong in use.

Extra safe. At the front, the Box Cover has a window that allows the LED daytime running lights to shine through. Together with the reflective prints, it makes the Lovens highly visible and therefore extra safe!

Season-proof. By stretching the Box Cover, rainwater slides right off. Tighten the Box Cover strap to the steering wheel column of the bike. This makes the Box Cover stretch up. Ideal if you leave the cargo bike outside: no puddles of rainwater left behind after a rainstorm!

Quick access: Partially unzip the Box Cover for quick access to the box. Secure this with Velcro so the bench can be used. Nice and warm and windproof for little ones.

Wonder how this looks? We’ll show you in a quick way in this video.

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