Braking with a Lovens ABS: Cargo bikes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Lovens proudly introduced the latest addition to their family: the Lovens Explorer with ABS.With the introduction of Bosch’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), cargo bikes now have an even safer way to brake. Curious about how it works? In our latest YouTube video, we walk you through the benefits of this groundbreaking braking system and share essential tips for mastering safe braking with ABS.

What to Expect:

1. Introduction to Cargo Bike ABS

Lovens proudly presents the Lovens Explorer with ABS, an innovation in cargo bike safety. In the first part of the video, we explain why Bosch e-bike ABS is a game-changer for cargo bikes. The Anti-lock System prevents wheel lock during braking, resulting in improved grip and control, especially on slippery roads.

2. How ABS Works

We explore the functionalities of ABS, from advanced wheel sensors to intelligent brake control. Understand how ABS creates a safer braking experience with a cargo bike. The system detects speed differences between front and rear wheels. ABS intervenes when the front wheel locks, allowing it to keep rolling, therefore shortening your braking distance, and increasing control.

3. Safety First

Before hitting the road, we emphasize safety. Learn essential pre-checks for an optimal braking experience. Start with a light load in your cargo bike’s box and gradually increase it. Hydraulic brakes are powerful, so use only one or two fingers on the brake levers. Remember to start braking before a turn for maximum grip.

4. Getting Used to ABS

Mastering ABS is a gradual process. In this section, we break it down into three steps. Start by using the front and rear brakes separately. Once comfortable, learn to use both brakes simultaneously. The goal is seamless integration of ABS while cycling.

5. Braking Techniques

Develop the art of braking hard without compromising safety. Learn how to apply brake force for a quick stop without the risk of slipping. These techniques go beyond braking; they offer total control over your cargo bike.

Feel the difference in braking behaviour and integrate these techniques into your daily routine.

Watch the Full Video Here.

While this text provides a glimpse, the video offers an in-depth guide. From practical demonstrations to tips, it gives you insights into the potential of this innovative ABS braking system.


1. What makes a Lovens with ABS different from other models?

  • ABS prevents wheel lock, maximizing grip and control. Your braking distance is shortened, allowing you to come to a safe stop with enhanced control.

2. Is the ABS system complicated to learn to use?

  • No, we break down the process into simple steps, allowing you to gradually become familiar with the system.

3. Why is ABS important for cargo bikes safety?

  • In busy city environments or on roads with varying surfaces, ABS enhances safety by preventing slipping.

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